PetSmart recognized for work with cat adoptions

  • From Left: Brian Porter, director of Anderson County Animal Care & Control, Chance, Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank, and Michael Hoskins, PetSmart manager.

  • Some of the many volunteers who help with the cat adoption program in partnership with PetSmart : Jean McDonald, Cindy Maples, Melonee Lund, Kayte James, Shauna James, Mayor Frank, Kelsey Kaiser, Becky Spain-Kaiser, Director Brian Porter. Back: Chance, Michael Hoskins (PetSmart), Harry Varnis, LuAnn Keller and Yvonne Rogers.

Anderson County and its Animal Care and Control Department recognized volunteers and PetSmart in Oak Ridge for their significant roles in helping the county improve the chances for cat adoptions.

While there are numerous canine adoption programs and rescue groups, there are few cat rescue programs. PetSmart, Oak Ridge, helps fill that need and plays a vital role in the county’s Cat Adoption Program by housing and allowing adoption at their store of stray cats or previously-owned felines that have been obtained by Anderson County Animal Care & Control. For every cat adoption at PetSmart, the store makes a charitable donation to Anderson County.

“It is part of our mission, every day, to handle routine calls, emergency situations, enforce state-mandated animal ordinances, and educate the public about responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of all animals,” said Brian Porter, director of Anderson County Animal Care & Control.

“To do all that, especially the education, it takes a commitment from volunteers and businesses to step up and help get these animals into better situations and give them a chance at loving, forever homes,” Porter said.

“Our Anderson County Animal Care & Control officers couldn’t do what they do every day without the dedication and support of our volunteers and assistance from a number of rescue agencies, as well as the partnership between the County and PetSmart in Oak Ridge,” Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank said.

A special “Appreciation Celebration” was held at 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, at PetSmart, 203 Main Street in Oak Ridge. The celebration, open to the public, recognized the volunteers who assist with the county’s Cat Adoption Program, in partnership with PetSmart.