‘Impressive’ is an understatement

How many people do you know that have won a recognized championship, at some point in their lifetime?

It does not matter if it was first place at the science fair, ultimate frisbee, or the spelling bee — It counts.

Okay, now, how many of those people won back-to-back championships, or first places?

Maybe a few people you know have, but I would assume that you could count those people on one hand.

Okay, so how many of them have won three straight titles?

The point is, a very small number of people have won three consecutive titles. Plus, to do so is not only a rare feat, but an impressive one too.

To be fair, “impressive” is definitely an understatement.

However, last week, Anderson County’s Brittany Bishop won her third straight TSSAA State Championship in the pole vault—and will go down in Mav-land history as one of the most succesful athletes in school history.

Considering it is the first time that has happened at Anderson County since Josie Hahn won four straight TSSAA High Jump titles, from 1998-2001, and three straight 300-meter hurdle titles from 1999-2001, I felt it was necessary to take a moment to truly recognize her magnificent accomplishment.

If you really take a moment of thought to comprehend that most high school athletic teams and, or individual athletes are fortunate to make it out of districts.

Achieving the postseason is more likely, but advancing is obviously not an easy task. Not only did Bishop do so, but again I will restate—she qualified, advanced to, then won a state title three straight years.

Additionally, she was the top-ranked pole vaulter in Tennessee for most of that time.

On her way to her third top-of-the-podium, this year, Bishop set the state’s TSSAA all-time outdoor pole vault record, with a vault that cleared the bar set at 13-feet, 3 1/2-inches.

Even if you do not know or care about track and field, I’m sure you know how hard it is to win something.

Thus, to win something as big as a state championship, then do it twice more consecutively, should be highly respected.

If you see Brittany Bishop, make sure to congradulate her on an incredible season and Anderson County career.