Mavs travel south this Friday

Another single game is scheduled this week as AC travels to Chattanooga Central to play the Pounders, while Clinton takes itsr (much-deserved) bye week. Anderson County goes in as the clear favorite. Currently, they sit at 32 in the state and third in their district, while Chattanooga Central currently sits at 277 in the state and 41 in their district. In a similar vein, AC’s record as of writing is 6-1, while Chattanooga Central sits at 1-6, with their only win coming against Sequoyah.

Anderson County’s average score across all of their games comes to 39, while the Pounders have only managed 16. Only one game of the season did Chattanooga manage to keep their opponents under 30 points, against Notre Dame High School. Against Howard Tech and Tyner Academy, their opponents both broke sixty points. Meanwhile, Anderson County has scored more than 40 points in four of seven total games. Last year’s game between the two teams resulted in a 48-7 victory for Anderson County, with the Mavs pulling away early for a decisive victory.

Head Coach Davey Gillum is confident going into the game. “I feel good. We had the week off last week, so for us the biggest concern is just getting back into routine and picking up where we left off. Just making sure we don’t take any steps backward as far as execution goes.”

“They’re an athletic team and – honestly, a little desparate – so we’ll have to be ready for all kinds of things like onside kicks and trick plays and things like that.” Really, at this point, it’s just about us continuing to get better at what we do and getting ready to make a serious play-off run. “

Anderson County must win their game on Friday and their next game at East Hamilton to secure home field advantage during the playoffs.

Kickoff will be 7:30.