Don’t have a problem with the senior center locating in Mariner Pointe


According to your Oct. 23 article titled “Another option comes forward for senior center,” Anderson County Commissioner Theresa Scott, who represents Oak Ridge, is quoted as saying “residents of Mariner Pointe subdivision had doubts about a senior center going in at that location. They don’t want a senior center there, some are even glad to see the church move. What they want is a grocery store.”

I am a resident of Mariner Pointe subdivision.

There are 21 houses on my street, and of those 21, 16 are owned or occupied by senior citizens. Since reading the above referenced article, I have taken the time to speak to many of them, and plan on speaking to all, about this issue.

Of those I have spoken to 100 percent are in favor of a senior center locating in the building owned by Faith Promise Church, and are either against or have no opinion on a grocery store locating in that building. None told me they were glad to see Faith Promise move.

There is a food mart at the entrance to Mariner Pointe if anyone needs to stop for milk or bread. The distance from the entrance of Mariner Pointe to Clinton’s Food City is 2.1 miles.

So, the residents in my neighborhood already have a very good grocery store nearby. A grocery store located at the Faith Promise building would be bad for this neighborhood in many ways. Food City hours are 6 a.m. until midnight, meaning cars would come and go all hours, and it could likely bring unwanted traffic into this neighborhood because wine and beer would be sold, the parking lot could become a “meet up or hang out” place and traffic would flow over into the neighborhood and potentially increase vandalism of cars and property.

The highway at the entrance is a very high-traffic area already. There is no traffic light and the backup and congestion from so much retail traffic would increase accidents.

The location of the Faith Promise building is a perfect fit for a senior center.

Many of the residents in this neighborhood are senior citizens who might use the new center, and also be available to volunteer.

The parking lot is very large and flat, so it would be safe for people to walk to and from their cars, and for those using a cane, walker or wheelchair. Many of those are dropped off so the traffic would not be heavy during the hours they are open, which is Monday through Friday 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

It is nearer to other areas, such as Oak Ridge, Claxton, Dutch Valley, Marlowe, so seniors who live in those areas who do not use the center might begin to do so. There is a daycare on the adjoining property and a senior center would be safer than a large retail business.

I urge the mayor, all commissioners, and anyone else involved in this issue to select the building owned by Faith Promise Church as the new location for the Anderson County Senior Center.


Carol Heck