We ain’t done yet!

After their last rivalry game of the regular season, Clinton and Anderson County are both on the home stretch.

Anderson County, after two hard losses last week against Halls and Clinton, face off against Scott County on Tuesday, February 11 before hosting their senior night against Oliver Springs on Thursday, February 13th. Anderson County’s last meeting with Scott County resulted in an 11 point loss for the Mavericks after they held the lead for most of the game. Turnovers and personal fouls plagued the Mavericks through that last encounter, but that was nearly two months ago now, and both teams have grown immensely. Games where there are large gaps between encounters are incredibly interesting because of the potential for growth throughout a season, but whether the game will be as close as last time will also depend on whether the Mavericks can pull themselves up after their recent hard losses.

Speaking of long gaps between encounters, there could hardly be a longer gap than with Anderson County’s next opponent for the senior night, Oliver Springs. The last time the two teams met was all the way back in November for Oliver Springs’ annual thanksgiving tournament where the Mavericks absolutely beat the socks off Oliver Springs in an 84-46 win. With an even longer gap between encounters, it’s entirely possible the two teams’ second encounter could be much more evenly-matched, but only if Oliver Springs has improved a lot and Anderson County has – well… not.

Meanwhile, Clinton starts off their week facing off against Morristown West, hosting the Trojans at home after the Dragons lost 44-57 last time. Whether that loss was a fluke as the Dragons were settling back in after Christmas Break or not will be determined by the rematch. The Trojans will need to beat the Dragons a second time to really and truly prove that first win wasn’t a one-off for them.

The Dragons final game of the season will see them travelling to Hardin Valley to face off against the Hawks. With the final game being outside the regular season, there’s no previous game to review for expectations, but with how the Dragons have performed of late, they’re undoubtedly moving forward with some swagger.