Clinton Middle preparing for spring band concert

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You will find short pieces below related to areas of learning and fun in our building from Classes and Sports to Hawk Life, Student Spotlight, and our new focus on College & Career awareness.

Showcasing a wide variety of the positive happenings at Clinton Middle School: College and Career Academy (CMCCA) is Hawk Talk’s first priority.

Get your candy fix from a Hawk

by Reese Rittenberry, Mia Baylis, Tomi Taylor, Mya Phillips, Maggie Stokes

Last week at CMCCA, we kicked off our Winters fundraiser. This year we will be selling chocolate bars and gummy bears for $1.00 per pack.

Money raised from the fundraiser will be used for general funding around the school. Our best seller from our 2018-2019 fundraiser was a seventh grader who sold 12 boxes.

We are also eager to say that there are a variety of prizes for students to win if they sell a certain number of boxes.

If you wish to purchase some candy, please contact any Hawk.

On Middle School

A Column by Marissa Eccles, Jasmine Erick, Ari Herrell, Parker Sanchez

New year, new hawks….

Clinton middle school students all have resolutions of their own this year.

Eighth graders, Emily Ledford and Joseph Suits, both agree to make better grades and be nicer in the new year.

Seventh grader Sydney Herrell’s new years resolution is to have a better attitude towards basketball. Jack Wilson has decided to live a better lifestyle in 2020.

Sixth grader Lilly Myers wants to be more positive when she messes up. Konner Baylis wants to be more connected in the real world and have a better relationship with his family.

We are excited to see all of the changes CMCCA students will make this year!

Hawk Band sets up

for Spring

by Ethan Clock, Ethan Graham, Andelynn Lawson, Braylon Taylor

Last semester, the band had put on an amazing show at Clinton High School, but now, they will be refocusing for a spring concert with new, more difficult songs.

Sixth grade is performing “Selections from Tradition of Excellence,” plus one from our library to be determined by the skills they demonstrate.

Seventh grade is performing “Celebratory Fanfare” by Scott Watson, “A Child’s Lullaby” by Robert Sheldon, and “Cataclysm” by Robert Sheldon.

Eighth grade is performing “Wolverine Summer” by Randall Standridge, “Appalachian Morning” by Robert Sheldon, “Above the World” by Rob Grice, and “Einherjar” by Jeremy Bell.

Eighth grade musician, Sara Boundy, had this to say about the band program: “I have had a very positive band experience so far this year and love Mr. Schloss’s music selections for the upcoming concert. I look forward to band and jazz band at the start of every day.”

Band instructor, Ezekiel Schloss, had this to say about his first year as the band instructor here at the school: “I am extremely proud of the work the band team has put in so far, and I look forward to crushing the limits that they think they have for themselves. We are capable of so much more than we often believe.”

Middle school hoops ends for 8th Graders

by Rylee Gann, Josh Keith, Eric Page, Hayden Scarbrough, Rhett Seivers

Emotions are flowing for our 8th grade student-athletes, now in their final home games basketball players, cheerleaders, and dancers.

We recently celebrated their careers as Hawks with an Eighth Grade Night ceremony.

We spoke to Bryson White, one of nine 8th graders on the boys basketball team.

“I’m glad that me and my team had a chance to make an impact on the younger people on the team,” he said, “and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to play the past three years for CMS, but I know that it’s time for a change and I’m excited to move to the high school to start something new.”

Eighth Grade Lady Hawk Maggie Stokes told us, “ I have mixed emotions about this. I am sad that this will be my final game and all the memories I had at this school, but I’m excited to move on to the high school and accomplish great things there.”

“I feel like I have done what I wanted to do here at Clinton,” said cheerleader Anna Kate Hackworth, “I’m happy that I got to cheer with some of my best friends and fro the past two years most of these girls have turned into my family and its sad that I’m leaving but who knows maybe I’ll continue this next year at the high school.”

Dancer Kailynn Burkhardt-Hundley told us that she was super excited that she was able to represent CMCCA on the first dance team in three years, and she hopes to continue to next year at the high school.

We hope that these athletes continue to grow and excel in these sports if they choose to continue in high school.

Until next week...