Hats off to Teacher of the Year Lindsey Wrinkle

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You will find short pieces below related to areas of learning and fun in our building from Classes and Sports to Hawk Life, Student Spotlight, and our new focus on College & Career awareness. Showcasing a wide variety of the positive happenings at Clinton Middle School: College and Career Academy (CMCCA) is Hawk Talk’s first priority.

Dream It, Do It, Believe It, Achieve It

By Ethan Clock, Ethan Graham, Andelynn Lawson, Braylon Taylor

“Dream-it, Do-it” is a program at Clinton MIddle for eight-grade students. They work on video editing to advertise industry around the area.

The students join the program based on their schedules, grades, and interest in this job area. It is a way for the students to learn what they are interested in for later on in life.

Many of the students have already accomplished learning how to film and edit videos through this program run by robotics teacher Mr. Lewis.

Mr. Lewis had stated that his favorite accomplishment this year was looking back at all of the success and work that the students have put into the program.

Many students in “Dream-It, Do-It” have said that their favorite part of the program is simply just hanging out with Mr. Lewis along with learning the deeper meaning of video editing and advertising.

The students are currently working on a video project for SL Tennessee. They will put their video up in competition with the other ACS middle schools this spring.

Lindsey Wrinkle named Teacher of the Year

A column by Marissa Eccles, Jasmine Erick, Ari Herrell, Parker Sanchez

Our teacher of the year at Clinton Middle School is Lindsey Wrinkle.

Ms. Wrinkle is a sixth-grade special-ed teacher and team leader for the special-ed department.

The students here have aided her by pushing her to be a better teacher every day and to help them learn to the best of their abilities.

She has been teaching at Clinton Middle School for 11 years.

Her favorite thing about CMS is the students, she said, adding” “They’re hilarious and brighten my day each day.”

Ms. Wrinkle has helped with Hawks for Christ, credit recovery, school dances, Thanksgiving baskets, sporting events and the Christmas drive.

We are so grateful to have Ms. Wrinkle as a teacher here, and are so proud of her amazing work.

Softball and golf

rosters are set

By Rylee Gann, Josh Keith, Eric Page, Hayden Scarbrough

and, Rhett Seivers

Now that winter sports have all come to an end, spring sports are in full swing. Golf tryouts were held last week, and softball tryouts are being held this week.

Head Softball Coach Kristen Land is proud to announce the 2020 Lady Hawks Softball varsity roster: Allyson Bender, Heaven Britt-Kimbriel, Marissa Eccles, Bree McKamey, Tomi Taylor, Lynnlee Adkins, Bailey Burroughs, Mykalah Cantrell, Sydney Herrell, Taylor Sherwood, Addi Gamble, McKenna Gavin, Elizabeth Graham and Alli McKamey.

Head Golf Coach Graham Richardson has also determined the CMS Golf Team, which includes: Bryson White, Carter Nelson, Keaton Cook, Braden Wolfe, Sloane Coleman, and Javon Rodd on the boys side. The girls team consists of Gracie Williams, Anna Kate Hackworth, and Blayk Hazelhurst.

Both teams are pumped for an exciting season full of wins.

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