The Courier News writer pens children’s book during pandemic

One of the things I have done while being sheltered at home is to complete a children’s book titled “Millions and Billions of Watermelons.”

I had basically written the manuscript, but needed to hire a skilled artist to do the illustrations.

A couple of weeks before the virus hit and we were ordered to shelter at home, I happened to find a book on a shelf I was dusting that was written by a friend of mine several years ago. He used a talented artist, Kristi Lynch, as his illustrator.

I gave her a call, set up a time to meet, and poured out my heart to her with my thoughts and dreams on the illustrations for my book.

She was certain she could do the job. We set a price and she got to work. When she sent me the first few pages of her work, I felt like I was walking into the sunshine with joy. She read my mind. She truly made my visions come to life. We faced several challenges along the way, but we muddled our way through.

I chose the title “Millions and Billions of Watermelons” because it is fun, easily remembered, and describes the number of watermelons produced in the world every year.

As an important addendum for the book. I enclosed several lessons I used when I was a classroom teacher. These lessons can easily be done as a part of home schooling and will delight the children. Who would not love a lesson that ends with “Now you can eat the watermelon?”

“Millions and Billions of Watermelons” is for sale at Search for books and the title of the book or my name and they will ship a copy to you. If you want a signed copy contact me via e mail at