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OK, maybe not yacht rock

Well, we did it.

But that’s nothing new, we do something amazing every day.

Every. Single. Day.

Anderson County held an election during a pandemic. The state of Tennessee held an election during a pandemic.

Maybe you’re not impressed. Some people aren’t, but they live richer and more fulfilling lives than I do or ever will.

Heck, I’m excited when I wake up in the morning and realize I get to have eggs for breakfast.

Oh yeah, watch me go.

We all go through rough patches in the best of times, but going through a rough patch during a pandemic is kinda like, rougher than rough. Seriously, you look at what 2020 has brought us and it’s a wonder any of us want to go out of our houses.

And we haven’t even seen our first murder hornet. Yet.

And the way 2020 is going, we’ll have swarms of those things. They’ll come by the bus load, or come barreling down the road in souped-up cars and playing music real loud — and not good music either. It’ll be more like noise. They’ll take over our finer eating establishments and not allow decent folk like you and me in to enjoy a nourishing meal.

Murder hornets.

Go figure.

So take pleasure in the little things, the little accomplishments — and holding an election in the midst of a pandemic for a free society such as ours is a great thing.

Be thrilled baseball is back. Yeah, it’s different, but isn’t it fun to watch?

Sure, there’s social commentary in one form or another playing out on the playing fields before the games begin.

But that’s separate.

The Game is still The Game.

And be thankful we live in a society that social commentary is allowed.

And please, can we stop throwing around the word “Nazi.”

Maybe you don’t like what a certain person is doing, how they are behaving. Fine. Say something. But Nazi?

You know who really knows what a Nazi is like? The people who lived under the regime of Nazism. You throw out a statement along the line of “They’re like Nazis,” or “He’s a Nazi,” then you’re just going for shock value.

You know nothing about Nazis. I’m talking real Nazis, not those depictions in movies and comic books and I don’t care if you studied that particular breed of thing through all seven years of your sixth-grade education, you don’t know anything about Nazis.

You don’t know anything about socialism, either. I don’t care how smart you think you are. You haven’t lived under socialism so stop acting like you’re some kind of expert.

You’re not.

And quit being offended by people who don’t agree with you.

Be happy that not everybody is like you, that others have different thoughts and ideas. It would truly be a sad world if everybody likes yacht rock and thinks white is a color.

Let’s celebrate people for being what they are — even if they carry Brooks and Dunn handbags.

And quit looking for conspiracies. Sometimes a bad haircut is just a bad haircut.

Maybe I’m rambling a bit.

Maybe I’m in a really good mood.

We live in the greatest country on Earth. It’s about time we started living up to that, to start appreciating it, to start appreciating each other.

It’s 2020. The murder hornets aren’t here yet. We’re in the midst of a pandemic.

We held an election — successfully.

Let’s appreciate that, OK?

But maybe we don’t need to appreciate yacht rock all that much.