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Jesus said to love our neighbor


Our nation is suffering. The pandemic continues to spread with more than 1,000 dying each day.

The sins of the past have resulted in Black Lives Matter marches in many of our largest cities. The marches have been met head-on with a police state tactic of federal troops reminiscent of a failed country intent on overthrowing a government. With polls showing double in favor of Biden, Trump is desperate.

John Lewis died this week with all news channels honoring him as the great icon of the Civil Rights Movement. John, in his youth, felt the billy club slam against his head many times, one with a skull fracture that almost killed him. There was no pity as the all-white police force with their clubs ran over the peaceful marchers who only sought the rights of voting and to be treated as equals with whites.

True Christians surely would stand against violence towards others, but why haven’t they as a whole? Now and yesterday, what do we stand for? I grew up as a teenager in the 1950s and watched as black people were beaten, sprayed with high pressure hoses, and attacked with German shepherds for only asking for what the Constitution guaranteed. We as older people like to boast of how good America was in the past, but to whom?

Jesus, whether you are a believer or not, said to love our neighbor, and that meant everyone. Christianity hasn’t moved forward to many of our youth today not because of government, but because of the church itself.

They think we are phonies, and they understand Jesus through the actions of those who claim to love him.

I sat in a church a few years ago that was predominantly African American. The speaker was white and was over the education system in Alcoa.

He made note of how black youths (and I mean no disrespect using black instead of African American) would drive down the street in a slightly new car and were stopped by the police for no reason. If they asked why and became angry, it was off to jail they went.

The Civil Rights Act changed laws, but like the right to vote, there were ways around it. Noteworthy was the test given to black people as to how many jellybeans were in a quart jar. Fail, and you weren’t allowed to vote. Public house was established for mostly poor, uneducated people. I heard it so many times from white people in their ignorance, “I’ll pay reluctantly for their housing just so I don’t have a [black person] living in my community.”

You who think you are better than another, did you choose your color and creed in your mother’s womb? Oh yes, did God specifically choose you? If so, were you meant to be a servant to others, or to judge in a high place?

If a servant, there are ghettos that have sprung up in most of our large cities, there is certainly room to go to at least one and become their friend.

There is no politics unto God, a man with a badge is a public servant, not some kind of demi-god. They are pledged to serve the law and help others, The black communities especially know the tendencies of police. Weed out the bad ones, seek laws that a bad cop should stand a penalty twice what another law breaker should be given.

We are in a sad state in our country with a president waving a Bible, not knowing what’s within. He was asked if her prayed and he said he has thoughts. A man who was put in office by the ones that claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior, how?

You shall know a Christina by their values and deeds. This president has fully exposed himself in lies, womanizing, and in his disregard for wearing a mask.

Billy Bush was talking to Trump, and Trump said, “These women will let me do anything,” and they laughed. Many have died following his disregard for masks.

John Lewis stood with the BLM movement. I stand with the marchers also.

As Martin Luther King knew, stop and the dreamer dies. We can make a better country. Hitler was going to make Germany great again, 60 million people later and the world could only gaps at the horrors.

Trump is no Hitler, but he is dangerous. Hitler also built a wall 1,600 miles, breached in one day by the allies. We need no wall, only good trade with Mexico, bring back trade from China and let Mexico be our trading partner.

BLM at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, at Market Square in Knoxville. We will avoid the idiots that try to disrupt by darkness. The march is peaceful, remember that Jesus endured also. God bless America and “all” of its people.

Daniel Hicks