Trick? Or treat?

I just realized something.

Did you know Election Day, Nov. 3, is really close to Halloween? I think that means trick-or-treating is the gift that keeps on giving … Right up to Election Day.

Candidates just keep trying and trying to scare the dickens out of people without saying too much about what their own goals are (besides getting elected).

It’s like, “Boo!” or “Growl!” all the time.

“What are you supposed to be dressed like this Halloween?” you might ask.

“I’ll tell you after you vote for me,” they answer. “Boo!”

I think they used to call it “mud slinging,” and folks didn’t like it when it was called that. It was distasteful.

It’s gone so far beyond mud slinging now that there’s no real way to describe it.

Have you ever heard a candidate speak and you just mentally cringe? Or read something they’ve said and thought, “Ooooooh! That’s so wrong to act like that. I’d punish my child if they said something like that. I’d make them put their phone down at the dinner table.”

That’s some serious punishment.

I think the last civil election we had for president was between the late Sen. John McCain and Barack Obama.

The Courier News no longer endorses candidates, but this year we are making one endorsement: VOTE!

Yeah, yeah, yeah … It’s scary for some to do so during a pandemic. Sure, sure, sure … Some candidates are trying their best to sow doubt about our election process. OK, OK, OK … But if you don’t vote, then don’t complain about the outcome.

Best advice: Wear a mask when you vote (not the one you wore on Halloween because that Wonder Woman look may have helped you score some great candy, but COVID-19 just isn’t impressed by it), have some faith in the electorial process that has served our nation pretty much without fail for more than 200 years, and ... Well, just vote.

Some people think that if we don’t vote — don’t elect anybody — and we’re all just really cool, then we should be just fine.

It doesn’t quite work that way, so just go vote, OK?

I mean it could possibly work, but there is always one guy out there who just doesn’t want to be cool, you know?

As they say, “It’s always fun until soemone gets an eye poked out.”

An election is kinda like this dream I had the other night. I was playing kissy face with Sigourney Weaver and in the middle of that I was thinking, “Hate to say this, Ms. Weaver, but you could use some mouthwash,” because her breath wasn’t really all that great. Still, it’s kissy face with Sigourney, you have to take the good with the bad, right?

But then I woke up and realized I wasn’t playing kissy face with Sigourney Weaver at all. But I was getting good smooches from Buster and Mazie because I must have smiled or said something like, “Sweet baby” in my dream — the one featuring Sigourney Weaver — and they thought I was talking to them and that I wanted them to wake me up and give them a treat.

And they were showing how much they appreciated my thoughtfulness by giving me doggy smooches.

That’s sorta like an election.

You think you’re voting for a Sigourney Weaver and after she wins, you find out all you really got was dog kisses.

So be careful. Don’t take this election all willy-nilly without giving your vote a ton of thought.

The Courier News also endorses civility. We need more of that, I think.

Oh, and we endorse patriotism. Remember, whoever wins the election for president of the United States, is going to be OUR president.

To summarize: Vote. Be civil. Accept the outcome and work to help whoever wins.

And don’t smile in your sleep and say things like, “Sweet baby,” because you never know what’s going on inside your pet’s mind.