Think, shop, eat and drink local


As we prepare to vote in the upcoming 2020 General Election, I would like to bring attention to the retail package store referendum that will be on the ballot for citizens of the city of Clinton.

Voting on this particular referendum will permit retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages within the city of Clinton. If we, the citizens of Clinton, vote to permit these particular stores within the city, we could see our community reap the benefits.

Although Anderson County is not a dry county, the city of Clinton is the only municipality in the county that does not have a package store. And while it is easy to drive to a neighboring city, I would much rather spend local and have my tax dollars benefit the community that I live in.

If we vote to allow package stores within the city of Clinton, our tax dollars will support our hometown. By how much so? It’s estimated that if three stores are allowed in the city of Clinton, they would generate in excess of $225,000 per year in new city taxes.

That could be money that benefits our schools, our first responders, and more.

As a young professional who has returned back to my hometown, I would love to see a continuation of new businesses come to Clinton.

Permitting package stores within the city can be the catalyst for many other businesses to come to our town, such as restaurants and retail stores.

Everyone in Clinton wants the town to prosper and to support the local economy. By voting to permit retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages in the city of Clinton, we are supporting our community. Early voting begins on Oct. 14 and ends on Oct. 29. Election Day is Nov. 3.

Think, shop, eat, and drink local!


Taylor Martin