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Calls out Trump’s debate style


What is it about Trump that can drive one nuts?

Take his pathetic, detestable, irresponsible, annoying, obnoxious, poisonous conduct consistently violating the minimum rules “He agreed to respect” in order to inform the voting public.

For decades, general election debates have provided Americans with the opportunity to measure the candidates in an open forum, with moderators aiming to stay out of the way when possible. They have always included showmanship and sharp exchanges, but within the boundaries of what people expect of their presidents. All of them went out the window Tuesday, Sept. 29.

I can only imagine what my parents would have said if they were alive to witness the Trump charade which brought the first (and perhaps last) debate into a class all by itself.

It was MESHUGGE (rhyme with Paducah), meaning Yiddish crazy, nuts, wildly extravagant and absurd. Trump brought his usual MISHEGOSS, wacky, irrational, absurd belief and hallucinations on climate, race, and ballot security.

Such a person could easily be called a MOMZER for having an illegitimate, untrustworthy, impudent, irreverent detestable character. Others would just call him a NO-GOODNIK for his unethical, irresponsible, undependable, wastrel, drifty, shady character, lowlife, trickster and cheating behavior.

Many viewers no doubt found Trump to be a NUDIK, a pest, a nag, an annoyance and/or a monumental bore. A NUDIK is not just a nuisance to merit this moniker but requires a nuisance most persistent, talkative, obnoxious, indomitable, and indefatigable nag, disagreeable, a peevish person.

Trump’s entire purpose in life is motivated to divide and to bore humanity with inanity.

Examining Trump’s assertions on race, climate and ballot security reveals a slipshod structure of ideas ONGEPOTCHKET (from German Patsch, a “blow” or “smack”) slapped together without form or sense, not grounded in fact or reason, just said for effect, like just about everything and anything he ever speaks about.

The thought this man, this shallow, cunning, power crazed lunatic inhabits an office and job he is so lacking in qualification and mismatched by intellect and temperament must have frightened those who made it to the end, it sure scared the (expletive deleted) out of me that his off the cuff utterances have serious consequences for us all.

Pray! Vote!

Harry Shatz