That’s a lot of adjectives


In his letter (“Calls out Trump’s debate style”), Harry Shatz used 58 adjectives and/or slurs to demean President Trump. Ironically, through the whole rambling and incoherent diatribe one fact stood out clearly.

Mr. Shatz needs to get help for his TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). This is the most acute case I have ever seen. Not once did Mr. Shatz refer to the myriad good results that have occurred as a result of the Trump administration’s penchant to put the welfare of the American people first and the interests of the Swamp last.

In contrast, the Obama/Biden administration consistently put the welfare of the American people last and the interests of the Swamp first.

I could not care less that President Trump has poor bedside manners. It is understandable since the Swamp has worked overtime 24/7 since the day President Trump was elected to “RESIST!” and undermine his efforts to Make America Great Again.

Clearly, the Swamp has been aided and abetted by large swaths of the mainstream media (and social media) in their efforts to drive a duly elected president from office, one way or another.

So, in answering Mr. Shatz’ question: “What is it about Trump that can drive one nuts?” I would surmise that the question has two answers.

Number One, President Trump has derived great results from his efforts on innumerable domestic and foreign matters. Great results always drive liberals “nuts.”

Number Two, President Trump has exposed the nefarious nature of the Democrats’ insidious attempts to divide and conquer through “identity politics on steroids.”

President Trump, at the end of the day, is a disrupter. That too drives liberals “nuts.”

I am glad to be of service to Mr. Shatz in analyzing his question related to the root cause of TDS.

Finally, Mr. Shatz should familiarize himself with the oft-used reference related to football coaches that tell the press they have two quarterbacks. When you say that you have two, what you are saying is that you have none. The same principle holds true for people who use 58 inarticulate slurs to mislabel a president who I hold in high esteem; esteem well-deserved from his work for the American people.

Barbara J.McNeely

Samuel T. Foust