Hopefully, we can thank them for serving our country


This year, as Veterans Day draws near, I am reminded of the sacrifices made by the men and women who served in the military to keep our country free.

I grew up in Anderson County, where my mother and father taught my six siblings and me many important lessons.

Among those lessons were truth, kindness, responsibility and patriotism.

We learned them all, and we learned the patriotism lesson especially well: My brother Virgil served in the Army during the Korean War; my brother Ray served in the Army during the Vietnam War; my brother Bob served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War; my husband Paul served in the Navy during World War II, my nephew Joe served in the Army during the Afghanistan War.

I am proud of them, as well as all our military veterans. Hopefully, the Veterans Day we can all find an occasion to Thank a veteran for serving our country. It will make a difference.

Willa Justice


Veteran, Air Force, 1958-1966