Can’t someone fix the potholes?


I am writing to express in public an opinion concerning a lack of adult responsibility which could easily lead to accidents or deaths.

Along Highway 25 between Clinton and Rocky Top there are several places a person encounters very rough, even deep holes in the pavement as you turn off of the highway onto another roadway or even worse turning into a place of business.

These holes in many instances are very deep, plentiful, and difficult to know where they are when we have rain.

They are certainly deep enough to cause major damage to the steering and stability of an auto, thus could lead to wrecks or even worse, deaths.

Upon inquiring about these holes an employee expressed that the owner of the business states that the owner of the property is responsible for that upkeep and the property owner maintains that the business owner is responsible. So, who should correct this/these situations?

Can anyone be an adult about this and correct before deaths occur?

The same thing happens at all interchanges with Highway 25— very rough and ragged pavement.

The public could sure use someone to step up and correct this.

Ed Welte

Anderson County