He is risen

A Simple Message

“He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

Matthew 28:6

I want to begin by wishing you a belated happy Easter, dear reader.

When we think back on this most-recent Easter, I’m sure a particular phrase quickly comes to mind: “He is risen.”

That one phrase is deeply ingrained into the holiday, and for good reason. Theologically, it’s worthy of note that the resurrection is the essential conclusion to the salvation Christ offers mankind.

While the crucifixion offered a redemption of sin debt, the resurrection gave us a savior that we could place our hope in to give us victory over all things, including death.

This theme of victory in the face of certain defeat is what I really want to discuss, for it’s this theme that gives the phrase “He is risen” its true power.

When we examine Biblical accounts following the crucifixion, we will find disciples in a state of loss, confusion, and mourning — without direction, and meandering through their daily lives unsure what to do next and without hope.

This hopelessness is made all the more clear when we read the accounts of the disciples encountering the resurrected Christ and how truly overwhelmed with joy and relief they were.

They didn’t expect to see their savior again; they watched him die, and the situation seemed hopeless. Yet, in spite of this hopelessness, Christ still managed to stand before them; the angels still were able to utter those famous three words.

In our own lives, we will sometimes face feelings of hopelessness. We won’t see a clear direction or feel we have the ability to move forward. We will be faced with emotional, physical, or life burdens that we simply don’t believe we can bear.

Just like the disciples, we will find ourselves meandering through our lives, struggling against the pain and filled with doubts and fears.

It’s during those times that the true theme of Easter becomes so important to me. That no matter how hopeless, uncertain, or downright hard life may be sometimes, God is always able to give us victory, joy and peace.

So, I hope you carry in your heart now until next Easter this reminder that victory wasn’t just for Christ in a tomb some 2,000 years ago; it’s here for you right now, too.