Democrats need a reality check


Recently, several letter writers have extolled the virtues of the Biden administration.

In reality, they are basically asking Americans to put a check on their common sense and to eschew basic math and hard data. To be a Democrat today, one must ignore facts, data, statistics, history - and results.

So, just to annoy letter writers who have Democrat “talking points” in their back pocket, let’s take a close look at real world economic data and the treasonous crimes within the Biden administration vis-a-vis illegal immigration and the current border catastrophe.

On election day 2020, I filled up my gas tank with gas for $1.69 a gallon, and the total was $21. I then went to Kroger and bought my weekly groceries for $160. This past week, with the brilliant Joe Biden at the helm, I filled up my gas tank with gas for $2.74 and the total was $38.18. I then went to Kroger and bought my weekly groceries for $207.

For the math challenged Democrats, that would be a weekly total increase of $54.18, just on gas and groceries. If the prices stabilized at their current level (which they will not), that would be an annual increase of $2,817.36. On an annualized basis, we are seeing an inflation rate nearing 70-percent in groceries and 140-percent in gasoline.

Now, Joe Biden proposes to raise taxes on the American people and American corporations. As a result, we will begin to see major job losses and a steep decline in wage growth, as interest rates rise.

A previous Democrat president (Jimmy Carter) gave us the “misery index” in the 1970s. Joe Biden is giving us the misery index on steroids in the 2020s.

Yes, as Obama/Biden once told us, “Elections have consequences.” Not surprising from a president whose first stroke of the pen was to wipe out thousands of middle-class jobs in the energy sector, and tens of thousands of residual jobs in innumerable interrelated sectors.

In short, swapping energy independence for energy dependence is economic suicide, and it poses a grave threat to our national security. Kudos to President Trump for giving us four years of economic vitality and for being the first president in two generations to not get us into a shooting war. This does not sit well for Democrats who are consumed with “Orange Man Bad.”

Lastly, the selling of our borders for political gain is the second-greatest crime in American history. For the Biden administration to stand at the border rewarding human traffickers and drug smugglers and MS-13 gang members with $1,400 stimulus checks and an absentee ballot is unconscionable, and lethal to a country’s future.

Our infrastructure is crumbling as we stress our schools, hospitals and roads from coast to coast. Our fellow citizens will pay a heavy and growing price, as children are used as shields.

From this manufactured crisis, our nation will never recover or heal. This is all part of the Democratic dogma that today embraces the Karl Marx theory of “chaos.” This “chaos” was utilized in November to secure victory from the “jaws of defeat.”

Now that the Democrats have the winning formula (i.e., absentee ballots and software from hell), there is no avenue by which the American people can change course. Sadly, this is never mentioned in the Democrats’ playbook and/or their talking points, spoon-fed to the American people via social media, CNN and the New York Times. Remember this when you pay $6 for gas and your grocery bill doubles.

Samuel T. Foust