Illogical, deceptive, far-fetched

Writer responds to letter


In his angry often snarky letter, Mr Samuel T. Foust presents a litany or “Foustian” mountain of illogical, deceptive, and farfetched GOP arguments in opposition to our newly, duly elected president.

The American people to the consternation of the GOP overwhelmingly support President Biden at levels never attained by The Orange One.

Firstly, Mr. Foust points to recent gas price increases and grocery bills. This hasty generalization overlooks the oil cartel control that exists nationally and internationally.

Through formal or informal nefarious agreements to raise prices, and or to reduce output in order to increase profits, normal price setting mechanisms do not work. This practice harms consumers because it makes the product unavailable or overly expensive.

Oil price fixed increases will ripple through the entire economy pushing all prices up and fully warranting a antitrust Justice Department investigation along with Congressional hearings. Tagging Biden as the culprit is certainly premature and mostly partisan sniping.

Secondly, Mr. Foust parrots the GOP opposition to any corporate tax increase notwithstanding their jubilation at reducing the tax rate from 32-percent to 21-percent and creating a Trillion Dollar budget hole that severely handicaps the governments ability to respond to public needs in a pay as you go fashion.

By trotting out the usual parade of possible horrible consequences, job losses; and asserting ‘steep’ wage declines really begs the question as where is the prior empirical evidence exists; and the casual misstatements of history is also a non- sequitur argument relying erroneously on assuming “this” follows “that” when there is no logical connection.

Thirdly, Mr. Foust seriously mangles the economic record of the prior administration and conveniently overlooks the human crisis and tragedy at our Southern Border. The human tide flowing toward the USA reflects the occurrences of massive natural disasters which devastated major parts of Central America.

Coincidentally, drug cartels who market and handsomely profit from selling drugs in the USA run vast criminal fiefdoms terrorizing ordinary citizens who flee in the face of criminal terror and a hapless economic situation.

The prior administration unlike its predecessor overlooked the root causes for the population migration and halted all efforts to help, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador stem the human tide; and instead created a mock policy making a mockery of our being a traditional champion of human rights.

Finally, the foulest of the “Foustian” lies that he and the GOP are currently pushing notwithstanding Attorney General Bill Barr’s emphatic denial of Trump’s assertion that he was robbed of victory, and Chris Krebs, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency statement that this election was the most secure in American history, and “there is no evidence…that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised,” does not bother or hinder Foust from ad hominem attacks on Democrats, creating ‘straw man attacks’ on so-called theory of chaos purportedly tied to Marx [not Groucho]. Finally, using a post hoc/false cause argument, Foust mentions Reagan’s misery index used against Jimmy Carter to remind everyone of the Oil Cartel fixing oil prices which created misery then.

Mr. Foust employs all the rhetorical tricks used by the Trump and GOP Clown car of deception, and continues to propagate the usual lies, deceptions and Bandwagon of Delusion.

Harry Shatz