A great weekend

A note from ...

There was a lot of excitement last weekend.

Friday night, Clinton christened it’s new turf with a bang that started at 5 a.m.

Anderson County football made a statement against a pretty good Fulton team.

Next up, a tradition-rich Rhea County squad.

One score of interest from the weekend that kinda struck a nerve: Greeneville beat Elizabethton 42-12. A knowledgeable fellow told me Friday night that the Mavs’ road to state always seems to go through Greeneville. I don’t know what a score from week three of the season means in the grand scheme, but it’s interesting. Something like 6 million runners (okay, maybe not that many, but there were a lot) converged on Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville for the Victor Ashe Park Fall Classic.

The event was the first for Lake City Middle School runners. Clinton City Schools’ Blaze runners continue to make a name for themselves. It was a pretty awesome day. And speaking of awesome ... The Lady Dragons volleyball team is getting a ton of fan support. Keep up the good work.