Learn more about Daugherty Building proposal


This letter concerns the plan that the city of Clinton has been discussing for the Daugherty Building on Main Street.

I urge the community at large to learn more about the proposal and consider how its implementation could affect the vibrant growth of Clinton’s historic district.

Why does Clinton need the Daugherty building to remain viable as one of its historic downtown anchors, for it to house the type of businesses and activities that assure it is a full participant in the vision the Historic Downtown Clinton Merchants Association and others have supported for years?

Here’s my two cents: Daugherty’s is an iconic building, a magnificent stone presence looming over every Christmas and homecoming parade, downtown shopping trip, after-school drugstore hang and even Holly-Gamble mourners taking a smoke break across the street. I bought the 1940s bedroom suit I took with me to New York City there back in the ’80s. Had it never been sold? Returned? Who knows? I do know I cannot imagine Clinton without that proud building and family sign on the corner.

Anyone who cares about our original downtown’s reimagined — and hard won — “second act” knows that you’ve got to be strategic to succeed. Isn’t part of our appeal its authentic nostalgia? Why would anyone want to actively undermine this winning formula?

I say kudos to all the original antique store pioneers and newcomers alike. There’s a lot of energy, business savvy, creativity and forward thinking happening on Market and Main and I love it! I also spend money there pretty much every time I come in from Nashville.

In fact, I make a point to drive up Market Street every trip home, and have been known to “shop” from the car — at least until I can find a parking place. Which is often in one of the back lots because the street parking is already taken (yay!).

It would be a shame to derail the incredible draw these small-business owners have created with an ill-conceived plan to turn the Daugherty Building over for subsidized housing that is not suited to this location.

Carole King


(but Clinton is

always home)