Fisher wins Johnson University Invitational

  • Anderson County High School sophomore Kaitlyn Fisher shows off her medal after taking first place at the Johnson University Invitational in Knoxville on Saturday.

Anderson County High School sophomore Kaitlyn Fisher took first place at the Johnson University Invitational track event in Knoxville on Saturday.

She had the top time at 20:40.00.

Teammate junior Megan Haire narrowly missed on a Top 10 finish, claiming 11th place with a time of 23:29.00.

“Kaitlyn has really embraced training since track season last spring,” said Derek Wallace, head coach for Anderson County.

“She had a great preseason this summer running a lot with Connor Chandler, and is starting to see the rewards. She’s really pulling Megan Haire and Haley Braden along, too, this season. They are both having strong seasons. Macy and Marley Caldwell and Victoria Lasiter round out our varsity right now. They are all working hard to peak at the end of the season,” Wallace said.

“Overall, it was a very solid race for many of our runners on a very difficult course,” said Clinton Coach Tim Kumes.

“Finishing times at Johnson University races are typically 1:30-2 minutes higher than most races due to the elevation and the difficulty of the course,” he said.

“Jade Guadarrama is really showcasing the fact that she’s a dual-sport athlete participating for both Lady Dragon soccer and the Dragon cross-country team,” he said.

Other competitors for Anderson County and Clinton included:

• Haley Braden, sophomore, ACHS 25:25.00

• Marley Cladwell, freshman, ACHS 25:26

• Jade Guadarrama, senior, CHS 27:11.00

• Alexis England, senior, CHS 28:31.00

• Adeline Shelton, senior, CHS 29:29.00

• Emily Boring, sophomore, ACHS 29:34.00

• Juliet Avila, junior, CHS 30:05.00

• Mariss Winter, junior, CHS 31:08.00

• Abagail Sanders, senior, CHS 31:30.00

• Brianna Merryfield, sophomore, ACHS 32:01.00

• Sifi Gatho, junior, CHS 32:21.00

• Morgan Lindsay, freshman, ACHS 32:48.00

• Abigal Bible, senior, CHS 33:07.00

• Emma Johnson, freshman, ACHS 33:18.00

• Kaylee Guinn, freshman, CHS 33:29.00

• Summer Wilson, sophomore CHS 35:26.00

• Riley Buchanon, freshman ACHS 35:37.00

• Natalie Mclemore, junior, CHS 38:24.00

• Madison Rayfield, senior, ACHS 39:53.00

The homeschool Knoxville Ambassadors team won first place in team competition. Anderson County took fourth place and Clinton claimed eighth place of the 12 teams entered.

For the boys, the top local finisher was Anderson County junior Connor Chandler with a time of 19:46.00.

Other top local finishers included:

• Dustin Welch, senior, ACHS 21:05.00

• Ryan Basford, sophomore, ACHS 21:43.00

• Ethan Ortiz, junior, CHS 22:01.00

• Seth Shrout, senior, CHS 22:58.00

• William Swagerty, senior, CHS 23:17.00

• Ben Clotfelter, freshman, ACHS 23:48.00

• Zac Harold, senior, ACHS 23:56.00

• Noah Ortiz, sophomore, CHS 23:57.00

• Ethan Bolton, sophomore, ACHS 24:02.00

• Michael Dueble, senior, CHS 26:42.00

• Jackson Zaruba, freshman, ACHS 30:49.00

“Ethan Ortiz continues to work hard to be top male runner. We’re looking forward to running our next race at Norris Dam hosted by our friends down the road at Anderson County High School,” Kumes said.

Oak Ridge High School took the top spot in team competition for the boys. Anderson County finished eighth and Clinton finished 13th of 19 teams.

Anderson County will host a meet at 6 p.m. hursday at Norris Dam State Park.