Friday night incident still under investigation, but no taser was involved

Social media posts are painting an alarming picture about an alleged incident following the Clinton High School football game Friday night.

There’s the truth, and there’s the social media truth, and in this case those two truths do not match.

The biggest social media “truth” involves the use of a taser by an Anderson County Sheriff’s deputy on a student-athlete.

The real truth is that nothing like that happened.

Monday morning, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into “an alleged incident reported Friday night immediately after Clinton High School’s football game, involving a juvenile student-athlete.

“Our office met with the student’s family and we both share the same desire for the erroneous social media stories regarding tasing to cease. No student was tased at all, nor was a taser discharged,” the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said.

Sheriff Russell Barker did meet with individuals involved in Friday night’s postgame event, and he met with a student-athlete’s family.

ACSO media relations officer Tyler Mayes said, “Good discussions were held, but the reported incident is still under investigation.”

With the incident under investigation — as well any involvement with a minor — an accounting of what happened may be a long way off.

It may not be released at all, because a juvenile is involved.

But the Sheriffs Office is dealing with “TONS of erroneous social media posts saying the student-athlete was tased four times. He was never tased — not once. A taser was never discharged, either,” Mayes said