Dragon seniors looking to build more than just a football resume


Riley Webb is a senior lineman, a member of the CHS Media team, and a member of the wrestling team.

Webb has been with the Dragons since his freshman year, and says being a Dragon means “being part of the family.”

“I know that no matter what happens to us, or between us, and no matter what differences or grudges we hold, at the end of the day we’re always there to pick each other up and better one another,” he said. “I feel as if I have a bond with each and every one of my teammates, and I know my brothers feel the same way, which is truly a blessing to have in such a large and diverse team.”

When asked how his coach has affected him, Webb said that if it wasn’t for Coach Keith, “I don’t think I ever would have come out of my shell as much as I have. He pushed me to points I hadn’t been pushed before, and because of it I came out a better man.”

Just like the others, Webb wants to win state this year and show the blood, sweat and tears this team has put forth.

Webb said he doesn’t have any specific influences in his life. “Personally, I’m not much influenced by individual people, but rather by the environment that they create,” he said. “The amount of influence someone has really sticks out to me, and I take note of that. I see the effect of other people’s actions, and at the core that’s really what influence is.

“I’d like to be remembered as the guy who was there for anyone when they needed it, and the guy who didn’t have a problem with anyone. I don’t see much of a point in disliking someone so much that you just have to take it out on them. If someone feels that way about me, that’s fine. I don’t feel the same way back, and I hope people see that and take note.”