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Meet the Mavs

ACHS gets more work in before the season gets underway

  • Anderson County’s Cody Miller (15) and Cole Phillips in- troduce themselves to Knoxville West receiver Ja’qurrius Wrenn after a short pass Monday night in a controlled scrimmage at 130 Maverick Circle. - Ken Leinart

  • Anderson County’s Daylen Cole used sound fundamental tackling to stop West’s big running back Brayden Latham. - Ken Leinart

  • Anderson County’s Eli Nelson fights through a double team from the West 0-line. - Ken Leinart

Anderson County High School hosted (probably) its last pre-season scrimmage Monday night when Knoxville West paid a visit to 130 Maverick Circle.

It was work, fine-tuning, a controlled scrimmage with no hits on quarterbacks and a lot of water breaks in the late season heat.

The Mav varsity was outscored 4-1. The JV squad fared better.

“It was a good day for us,” Anderson County Head Coach Davy Gillum said. “We got our rear end handed to us physically and it showed us how much we have to do if we want to get this thing done.”

West is a big team, a physical team, and it has a load of depth.

The only thing Anderson County was missing was depth. The offensive line was thin Monday night — although Gillum said that situation should right itself before the start of the season.

“We were pretty far down the depth chart,” Gillum said of his offensive line.

While the Mavs struggled offensively, that shouldn’t be taken as a sign of things to come.

For one, the West scrimmage was a last- minute, just picked up over the weekend, affair.

“There wasn’t a lot of time to prep for it,” Gillum said. “The run defense did well.”

Gillum said there were some problems he saw in the secondary — all four of the West scores came through the air — but he said, “A lot of problems we can fix, make adjustments. I didn’t want to throw the whole game plan in.”

Walker Martinez looked comfortable in the pocket and avoided a number of pressure situations using his head and his feet.

“He played pretty good,” Gillum said. “Considering he didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for their defense.”

Monday night’s scrimmage was a learning tool, a sort of systems check to see where the Mavs are and where they want to be.

Monday they showed they have the talent.

Cody Miller looked tough on defense and did some nice work lining up under center.

Gillum said Zeke West and Tate Russell played very well.

He was impressed with Israel Small.

“He really played well … He was throwing his body around and making some plays,” Gillum said.

Monday night also showed that, for now, they’re a little thin.

“We’re going to have to play a lot of kids both ways,” Gillum said. “And we got a little tired.”

If West had been a “normal” game …

“If it were a regular- season game we would have prepped for a lot more. This was a tune- up,” Gillum said.

It was a good one to have before the season starts.

“They’re a good team,” he said of West. “Especially their defense. Their O-line is good and they have good running backs.”

Anderson County High School will host its annual Meet the Mavs event from 6-9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12, at the football stadium.

The festival-style event will feature lots of food and fun for everyone.

At 8 p.m., there will be introductions of the 2022-23 ACHS athletes along with Norris, Lake City Middle, NAGAF and Lake City Little League football and cheer.

There will be lots of free activities for the kids, and each sport will have a tent set up with food to sell.