Returning to the Dragon’s lair

Dylan Spurlock is another Dragon making his return to the football field after not playing since his freshman year.

The linebacker, No. 25, has made a huge impact since his return, getting multiple sacks in two of the team’s scrimmages, against Coalfield, Kingston and CAK.

“To me, being a Dragon isn’t just being a part of a team, it’s being part of an amazing family.” Spurlock said when asked about being a Dragon.

Spurlock had a tough junior year, after losing his mother.

He said that Coach Keith is one of the big reasons he didn’t give up.

“Coach Keith has impacted my life in a huge way. After my

mom passed, and I wanted to quit everything, he helped me stay on the right patch and helped me continue doing the thing I love.”

Along with the other seniors, and team for that matter, Spurlock wants to win state this year but also wants to take his talents to the next level.

“My biggest influence is my dad because after my mom died, he had to become two parents at the same time. It was hard at times but no matter what he made sure that me and my sister were taken care of.”

Spurlock wants to be remembered as a student with good attitude and a great work ethic. As an athlete, he wants to be remembered as someone who gives it all to the team, and a great leader both on and off the field.