Dealing with Brookstone

  • At the Monday, Sept. 19, meeting of the Anderson County Commission, Commissioner Tyler Mayes, left, read a proclamation honoring Chuck Fritz, right, for his 20 years of service as a commissioner. - Pete Gwada

  • The entrance to Brookstone Ridge, which is on Norris Freeway south of the Glen Alpine Convenience Center, was the subject of discussion at the Monday, Sept. 19, meeting of the Anderson County Commission. Residents of the subdivision had expressed to commissioners their concern that expansion of the subdivision would cre- ate traffic problems on Norris Freeway and the existing streets in the subdivision. - Pete Gwada

At its meeting this past Monday evening (Sept. 19) Anderson County commissioners dealt with a variety of issues including appointments to various boards and committees, traffic concerns brought about by an expansion of Brookstone Ridge subdivision, and a fee schedule for adopting animals from the animal shelter.

Commissioners proclaimed, Sept. 24 to be Commissioner Charles “Chuck” Fritz Day in Anderson County in recognition of Fritz’ 20 years of service to the county. “We did a lot to keep Anderson County moving forward,” Fritz said of the commissions he served on, adding, “I look forward to seeing what this commission does.”

The commissioners also proclaimed Oct. 1 to be Jennings Foust Day in Anderson County in recognition of Foust’s five terms as constable.

Anderson County Sheriff Russell Barker said “he was one of the best” in honoring retiring Deputy Steven Dale Abner for 30 years of service under five sheriffs. Commissioners proclaimed Sept. 30 to be Deputy Steven Dale Abner Day in Anderson County.

Commissioners recognized Anderson County High School students for scoring 30 or higher on the ACT. A score of 30 is considered exceptional. The students honored were Zac Lester, Tate Russell, Will Beard, Kendall Null, Grant Jennings, Kayley Kennedy, Gretchen Hollway, Karlotta Schley, Jonathan Clingan, Kayla Humphrey, Justin Wiseman. and Nicholas Reynolds.

Hughes V. Evans and Ernest M. Bowles were renamed to the Industrial Development Board through November 2028. New appointee Steve R. Queener was also named to a term ending at the same time.

There were three members of the health and educational facilities board reappointed to terms expiring at the end of November 2028. They were Charles E. Price, John E. Stair and William Gallaher.

Rex Lynch, Angela Perez, Amanda Vowell and Shalea Prickett were appointed judicial commissioners with terms expiring Aug 30, 2026.

Upon the recommendation of county mayor Terry Frank, Ned Ferguson was reappointed to another term on the regional planning commission, Stephanie Hill, genealogist, was reappointed to the public records commission and Ernie Bowles to the Anderson County Water Authority. They will serve until September of 2026.

Sheriff Russell Barker was appointed to fill a vacancy on the E911 board with a term expiring in January of 2025.

The following were reappointed to the economic development association: Ashely K. Sexton, Tim Isbel, Cathy Brown, Zach Farrer, John K. Alley, Jr. Leonard Abbatiello, Michael Swisher and William Stevenson.

Commissioners, upon the recommendation of the nominating committee, appointed their fellow commissioners to various boards, committees and commissions.

The county entered into an inter-governmental agreement with the City of Oak Ridge that will allow the county’s volunteer fire departments, the rescue squad and the office of emergency management to use Oak Ridge’s training facility.

Commissioners authorized limited deer hunting at the Blockhouse Valley landfill. The dates approved were Sep 29-30 for the youth hunt and Oct. 31, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023 for everyone else. Each day, two people, chosen by lottery, will be allowed to hunt.

Commissioners spent some time discussing increased traffic that the expansion of Brookstone Ridge subdivision would generate. Brookstone Ridge is located on Norris Freeway south of the Glen Alpine Convenience Center. Access to the expansion will be through the existing subdivision entrance. Another curb cut on Norris Freeway to accommodate a second entrance had been denied by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). Commissioners passed a resolution requesting that TDOT reconsider approving another access point to the subdivision, If not commissioners requested that TDOT help the county with ensuing traffic problems. However, law director Jay Yeager advised that the resolution probably would not accomplish anything since the subdivision already has preliminary approval.

As a result of a request from the newly formed animal control advisory committee, commissioners voted to approve the adoption fee schedule at the animal shelter. This schedule includes a $25 free for animal rescue groups to pull animals from the shelter.

In what she called “a big win for advancing broadband in Anderson County,” the mayor announced that Highland Communications and Comcast were awarded TN Broadband grants.

Commissioners passed a resolution to allocate a portion of Anderson County’s American Rescue Plan funds to the cities of Clinton, Norris, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs and Rocky Top to be used for water and wastewater system improvements.

Commissioners showed their appreciation of veterans by declaring Oct 1 through Nov. 11 a time to salute and honor our veterans and authorizing “lighting the courthouse green” for the overnight hours of Nov 7-11.

Greg Deal, assistant director of schools, gave commissioners an update on security procedures instituted in the county schools.

Commissioners approved the purchase of 2 plots of land for a total of $20 in order to have sufficient land to improve the Beech grove Bridge.

Commissioners awarded $250 from Waste Management funds to Norwood Elementary School in Oliver Springs to help pay the cost of a field trip.