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Is that a lot of ‘chaff?’


In his recent letter to The Courier News, Mr. Ernie Gonzales provides quotes from the Tennessee secretary of state, the Heritage Foundation, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton.

They all assure us that Tennessee has the “most secure elections” in the country. Mr. Gonzalez provides NO evidence to the contrary.

However, he sees a “warning flag” in the fact that only 20-percent of eligible county voters participated in the recent primary and general elections.

Thus he says that we need “an Anderson County Election Integrity Committee.”


Excuse me??

Does anybody really believe that voters in Anderson County didn’t vote because they didn’t have “confidence in the security of Anderson County’s election process?”

No, it’s much more likely that many citizens don’t vote because they have complicated work and family schedules or have just withdrawn from political life.

Politics has become “hateful” to many.

I have voted here since about 1970 and I can assure Mr. Gonzalez that our “Board of Elections commissioners, our election administrators and even our poll workers … are fully accountable of (sic) carrying out their lawful duties.” Furthermore, as recommended by experts on election integrity, Anderson County will have a paper-based voting system by 2024. That system makes any necessary recounts or audits easier.

Finally, I hope that his real agenda is NOT a Gestapo-style election force to intimidate voters who don’t agree with him.

That would certainly not increase voter participation.

Marsha Livingston