The word of life

A Simple Message

“So it was, as they were burying a man, that suddenly they spied a band of raiders; and they put the man in the tomb of Elisha; and when the man was let down and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived and stood on his feet.”

– 2 Kings 13:21

The above passage recounts one of the lesser-mentioned, but most-miraculous events recorded in scripture.

We read here that a man was brought back from death into life simply by touching the bones of the long-deceased prophet. Of course, in life Elisha’s reputation preceded him regarding the many miracles he participated in. There’s no doubt, based on biblical evidence, of Elisha’s righteousness, holiness, and anointed position with God. So anointed, and so devoted was Elisha, that even in death his very bones continued the work of spreading God’s power, working miracles, and bringing life.

James, in the third chapter of his epistle, warns us of the power of our words.

We are warned that from our words we bring cursing, and blessing.

Death or life.

We are told that to tame the tongue would make a man perfect, and that our words are among the most powerful of all our God-given resources.

While Elisha’s prayers and even bones could bring life to the dead, our words could do much the same.

While we may not be raising the literal dead with our dried bones one day, we do live in a world filled with spiritual death.

We live in a world in desperate need for life, and we do have the power in our words to bring that life.

By choosing the kind and uplifting word, choosing honesty and compassion, we can liven and brighten another’s day. Moreso, even like Elisha, the works of our words will continue to bring life long after our lives here have ended.

Jason Shockley is an evangelist and teacher passionate about uplifting others through the word of God.