An open letter from the Anderson County GOP


What follows is an “An Open Letter to Fellow Republicans:”

Did you know that the GOP reorganization is quickly approaching on Thursday, March 23? If you voted Republican in the last three out of four primaries, you can request to vote in this reorganization. You can register to vote by emailing your name, address, and phone number with your county (yes, we know it is Anderson County but it must be stated) to In the subject line of the email, write Anderson County GOP Reorg. If you cannot email to register and you meet the preliminary qualifications of voting in the primaries, all you have to do is show up at the Clinton Church of God, 635 Hillcrest St., Thursday, March 23.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the meeting starts at 7.

Because the GOP reorganization is quickly approaching, this is a reminder about the accomplishments under the current leadership of Myra Mansfield, chairperson of the Anderson County Republicans. In just two years:

• The County Commission has a Republican majority for the first time ever.

• GOP meeting attendance has more than doubled, requiring the party to move to a larger location.

• Partisan elections were finally held in those races in which it was allowed.

• The chairperson consistently calls for cooperation and collaboration throughout the party.

• A Young Republicans club was formed.

• A record number of canvassers and volunteers showed up for Republican candidates.

• The chairperson is an active mentor of other Republicans.

• Anderson County GOP is electronically connected to party members through a revamped website with a new logo.

• A Vote Republican campaign was successfully rolled out.

As an Anderson County Republican, it is important to stay on top of county news by going to We are doing good things in our county and invite you to join us at our monthly meetings.

With the strong conservative leadership of Myra Mansfield, we can continue to grow the Republican Party in our county.

All the best to you and your families,

Members of the Anderson County GOP to Re-elect Myra Mansfield for Chairperson