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Writer clearly called for citizens to be involved in voting


The Founding Fathers of the United States used the term “republic” to refer to a form of government in which power is held by the people through their elected representatives. They sought to establish a system of government that was based on the consent of the governed, with individual rights protected by a written constitution.

In a republic, the people are the ultimate source of authority, and the government is accountable to them. This is in contrast to a monarchy, in which power is held by a single individual or family, or to a pure democracy, in which every citizen has an equal say in the affairs of government.

The Founding Fathers believed that a republic was the best form of government for protecting individual rights and promoting the general welfare. They saw it as a way to balance the competing interests of different groups and prevent the tyranny of the majority. To this end, they created a federal system of government with a separation of powers, checks and balances, and a Bill of Rights to protect individual liberties.

Mr. Foust has shown himself to be a rabid dissembler of various false narratives and has the gall of blaming Democrats for “Our Republic…is in deep trouble due to endless waves of divisive politics and a lack of election integrity.” He attacks Ms. Ibbotson for calling out our state’s super majority GOP gerrymandered faction that excessively and punitively expelled two Black representatives who openly supported a massive and peaceful demonstration of mostly school children crying out for sensible, responsible gun regulations. Finally, in true Faustian mode, a dog whistle to the right wing required a mention of George Soros and supposed DNC talking points. Ms. Ibbotson clearly called upon the citizens of this county to get involved by voting, and supporting all folks who want to register and vote.

Harry Shatz