And the bands play on

For these artist-athletes it’s a commitment that goes beyond 10 minutes of music at halftime

  • Clinton High School Band’s Trey Meredith plays at half time during the first football game of the season.

  • Oak Ridge High School Band’s Olivia Donnelly plays during the season-opener against Jefferson County.

The work started last summer, and make no mistake, it takes a lot of work.

Playing in the band is fun. It’s exciting. It opens up opportunities and creates lasting memories.

For the students who sweated through summer band camps and afternoon drills once school started, it’s about more than the 10 minutes or so spent on the field at halftimes of football games.

Because, for the most part, that is when the band is the most visible. That is when the band is seen and heard by people who won’t go to their concerts, or watch them in competitions.

But those 10 minutes are just a part of the experience, part of what the band is all about.

But it’s a pretty awesome 10 minutes and it’s taken so much work to get there.