Letters To editor

To the editor,

Times have changed. In 1992, it was “It’s the economy, stupid”; today, it’s the culture, stupid! We are living in a period of rapid social, political and cultural change accelerated by the spread of postmodern ideas throughout the Western world. These ideas are largely atheistic, amoral, anti-reason, authoritarian, highly political, and strongly opposed to Western culture, especially American culture. For all practical purposes these ideas have overtaken our traditional beliefs and worldview.

We see examples of this change everywhere: Students are learning to hold our traditional beliefs in contempt; cancel culture, almost totally directed at people holding a traditional worldview, is taking over the universities, social media, corporate world, and federal government; some of our leaders are violating our laws, weaponizing our government, opening our borders, bankrupting our nation, promoting radical ideologies, and appear to be in talks that may involve ceding American sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO).

It appears that Capital-Hill Democrats have completely given up on Western culture, on America and on us, but it also appears that many Republicans have too. Granted, the Republicans make a lot of noise protesting the Democrats’ anti-American policies, but they continually fund the policies anyway. Furthermore, it seems that a similar problem exists in our community: When we learned that libraries in Anderson County were being used by activists to promote a radical ideology and make pornographic filth available to minors, many of our local leaders, including some Republicans, defended the books as educational and protected speech under the First Amendment.

We need to stop electing candidates who claim to share our beliefs and our worldview when they don’t. This is easy when a candidate for elected office has a record or we know them, but we are often not that fortunate, and the typical dialogue at election time, although important, is not adequate any longer. Today, many voters want to know about the basic beliefs that will guide a candidate’s decisions if elected.

As a result, the Anderson County Republican Party has decided to interview many of the candidates running in Republican primaries this year. So far it has interviewed all four candidates running for chancellor in the March primary. In the interviews, they were asked about human nature, the nature of truth and morality, about human rights, constitutional interpretation, the Fourteenth Amendment, and much more. If you are interested in reading the interviews, go to the Republican website at actngop.com and scroll down the page until you get to “Your Voter Tool.” Hopefully, these interviews will help you vote with greater confidence and wisdom.

Michael Terheyden

Clinton, TN