To the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am surprised that Rep. John Ragan would openly admit to his disdain for the pillars of government that uphold our beloved country, as he did in an ad in the Courier News on June 5. He claims that our justice system has been “weaponized by corrupt liberals,” but only when he is not happy with the verdict, of course. Perhaps he has forgotten that – for the moment at least – our court system still relies on a jury of everyday citizens like you and me. I fear he has been deceived, like so many Americans of ALL political persuasions, by foreign-created messaging meant to discredit our democracy and replace it with an authoritarian regime. I sincerely hope Rep. Ragan and others in our country will begin to recognize that by spreading the idea that our democracy is broken beyond repair, that we can trust no one but ourselves, that we must turn our neighbors into enemies worthy of hatred and even violence, and that we need a strong man in charge who will punish those who don’t agree with him – all of this is playing right into the hands of foreign influencers who would love to see our country fail. I, for one, still believe in the democracy on which our country is built and will continue to do everything in my power to stand by it.

Liz McGeachy